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Nir Yomtov

An ever-so-curious Game Developer with a passion for creating polished experiences_
Interested in Gameplay & Graphics Programming, A.I, UI/UX and the way they all tie together to form experiences that leave a lasting impression

Untitled Inventory/Text Adventure Game

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  • C++
  • SDL
  • OpenGL
  • Photoshop
Key Takeaways (What have I learned?)

An Exercise In Data Management & Sprites

This was a first semester project, less than two months into the semester. At that point, we've seen pointers, structs and array, but not classes. I utilized a 1D array to represent a 2D array for better data management, and used a specialized getter function to get the correct position in the array using 2D coordinates as arguments. For the actual data management, when moving items between different inventories, the data stayed in the same place in memory, and the inventory cells only pointed to the place in memory, negating the need for constantly copying data around.

A Satisfying Polished Inventory

Combining the best of both worlds from Resident Evil 4 & Diablo II's inventory, I created a polished inventory experience that just feels fun to move items around. There's not much to be said, feel free to give it a try in the build and tell me what you think!

Cursor Centric UI/UX

I wanted to keep the game simple, so I didn't want to have any keyboard controls. I designed my own cursor sprites and made a context sensitive, cursor centric UI, with right click changing the cursor depending on the context of the item it hovers.

Next Steps (Given the chance, what would I improve?)

Integrate A Local Or Cloud-Based Large Language Model

As this is a text heavy game, it would be a perfect candidate to be hooked up to an API like ChatGPT or have a local specialized fork of LLaMA to generate content and guide the story. The C++ managed inventory and NPCs would have to be integrated with the LLM API, and for dynamic item generation, another A.I API solution could be used to generate new inventory sprites on the fly. These are ambitious ideas, but would make me very excited to work on this project again.